from by Ophiuchi



on the evening of the dust
we set afloat our dead
the water tugged at your hair
and the river took you home

my compound eyes
shine my carapace

descend lickspittle overmen
with rickets in their bones
ether in their chests
and verses of the tongue
indifferent as the stones
indifferent as the sun

ocean beats
the rhythm i need to breathe
ebb and tide
marching leg flute time
she hatched her babies inside a host
with a skin to beat and a wrist to flick

descend yesman underlings
hands into the pockets of the dead
blessings of a kingly king
bellies in the dirt

thumb-screw ties
the one-eyed and the blind
while a black maria keeps
a cure
beneath her feet

but herod and the monkey men
tied a noose of golden trim
my coward son came home a sage
with concubines.

and pineal eyes.


from Bifurcaria Bifurcata, released April 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Ophiuchi Pretoria, South Africa

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