Bifurcaria Bifurcata

by Ophiuchi

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Jeff Richardson
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Jeff Richardson Imaginative ; dare I say seminal! An ever changing tide, whose patterns flux with time and state.

Way back, when studying matters of the occult (and astronomy), I was fascinated by this, "Thirteenth Sign of the Zodiac". It's serpentine name equally mysterious. However, there are orders of magnitude between the zodiac and the sometimes corresponding constellations. There is metaphore here. Favorite track: Bifurcaria Bifurcata.
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EyeChartBrew Mix three parts Black Metal with two parts Tool, and season liberally with South African herbs and spices. Throw it into the oven at 350F for 45 minutes to get a nice crunchy char, and you wind up with this very interesting album. I dig this. A lot!
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Shapeshifting Now this is really good stuff, makes me think of Isis the band in it's own way. High repeat factor. Favorite track: Obol.
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released April 10, 2017

Composed, performed, engineered, produced and mixed by Ophiuchi.
Mastered by Bob Olhsson (Audio Mastery, Nashville).
Artwork by Ophiuchi.


all rights reserved



Ophiuchi Utrecht, Netherlands

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Track Name: Vestibule
on the evening of the dust
we set afloat our dead
the water tugged at your hair
and the river took you home

my compound eyes
shine my carapace

descend lickspittle overmen
with rickets in their bones
ether in their chests
and verses of the tongue
indifferent as the stones
indifferent as the sun

ocean beats
the rhythm i need to breathe
ebb and tide
marching leg flute time
she hatched her babies inside a host
with a skin to beat and a wrist to flick

descend yesman underlings
hands into the pockets of the dead
blessings of a kingly king
bellies in the dirt

thumb-screw ties
the one-eyed and the blind
while a black maria keeps
a cure
beneath her feet

but herod and the monkey men
tied a noose of golden trim
my coward son came home a sage
with concubines.

and pineal eyes.
Track Name: Bifurcaria Bifurcata
lady of the wheel
mistress with a skin to wear
intestines on the left
coinage on the side
and jimson of the weeds
with logic up her sleeves

feral siblings in a neck of the woods
mother's eyes from a hutch the woods
a brother with the shape of my son
become a home to the insects
sexless vessels become us

constellations sighed
apparatus fuckingly sublime
jack of spades
had a rib to spare

the plants accept my gift
a cudgel to the knees.

monthly moons to count
cavities to mount
itch of the ants
on the palms of my hands
strangers and cowards
in back wards with reptiles
and black lights that throb knowingly
Track Name: Obol
lizzard with the sight
told tales to its kind
the patterns on your side
opening the mouth had
yellow ribbons tied

weigh that phantom limb
mementos of

a self
for a foot of clubs
the vestigial
for the unperishable

in my mouth i keep a fare
but my hands hold on to all that's new
and on the morning of the stars
i climb outside and grasp the night
old skin shed
in dawn of light

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